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For years it has been pretending that Global Warming doesn't  exist. Only recently have we seen a change in this. There are many things a person can do about global warming. Several changes are caused due to rising temperature of earth. So we need to act fast and prepare to make some profound changes. First, keep in mind the goal, which is to bring the potentially catastrophic warming under control by curtailing the release of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere. Global warming is the most serious problem we face in the 21st century. An intensive analysis by a respected geologist at Texas A&M University, suggested -- as most scientists have been saying for some time now -- that human activity, not natural factors, is the primary cause of the warming.
We caused the problem and we have within our grasp a variety of potential solutions. To ignore those solutions, to be aware of them but not make use of them, is not just profoundly destructive, it's suicidal.

How to help stop Global Warming on an individual level?  
Use eco-friendly  products, environmental services, and renewable energy sources to reduce greenhouse emissions that cause Global Warming,  campaign to bring back the electric car,  imagine how much cleaner our environment would be if the majority of our cars were powered by renewable energy. 
We have to learn from the latest gigantic oil spill in the Gulf Coast of Mexico. The way companies have been treating our environment by ignoring regulation is terribly wrong.  The supply and demand for fossil fuels dictate that we cannot go on the way we have before.  We have finite resources of coal, oil, and natural gas and they are rapidly being consumed.  With population growth as it is, The consumption of fossil fuels is what caused the greenhouse effect in the first place.

People can help immediately by becoming more energy efficient. 
There are many ways through which a person can reduce consumption of energy which helps in decreasing level of green house gases generated in the atmosphere. May be you would think that these things have no effect but if you go in detail then you can understand how it is harmful.
Implement the following points to show other people how to prevent global warming. This may not have a huge impact in preventing global warming but it can make difference by converting some basic thoughts in people’s mind about global warming.
One of the points for preventing global warming is to reduce drafts in your home. This is one of the simplest ways to fight against global warming. Make sure all your doors and windows are free from drafts. Due to this, the over consumption of energy which heats and cools the home will be balanced. If you rectify drafts then install a weather stripping wherever needed.
Another thing we can apply for decreasing global warming is by reducing the use of electricity. About eleven percent of electricity is consumed by phantom loads. Sometimes an electrical appliance consumes electricity even after it is not used. This is caused due phantom load. To eliminate phantom loads, plug all your electrical appliances into a multi-plug surge protector which will give you an assurance that the appliances are not consuming extra electricity.

For prevention of global warming, one of the simplest ways is using more efficient light bulbs. Stop using the familiar incandescent light bulbs and replace them with compact fluorescent bulbs, which last much longer and use only a quarter of the energy consumed by conventional bulbs.
Compact fluorescent bulbs are significantly more expensive, but because they last so long (up to 10 times the life of a standard bulb) and use so little electricity, they are substantially cheaper in the long run.
If every household applies a compact florescent bulb instead of a glowing light bulb, then approximately ninety billion pounds of carbon dioxide is prevented from mixing into atmosphere
Most of us turn up our water heaters at high temperature. If you reduce the thermostat of hot water to10 degrees Fahrenheit, then you will be successful in reducing consumption of energy to 3 to 5 percent.

Next, when shopping for an appliance -- a refrigerator, a dishwasher, an air-conditioner -- select the one with the highest energy efficiency rating. There will be a sticker on the appliance, telling you how much energy it uses. Pay attention. There can be a difference of 30 percent to 40 percent or more in the amount of energy consumed by appliances with comparable features.

Even more important is the choice you make in the car or truck you buy. Motor vehicles are responsible for about a third of the carbon dioxide emissions. The vehicles that are the most fuel efficient emit the least carbon dioxide. (Fuel economy and carbon dioxide emissions are inversely proportional. If you double fuel economy, you cut carbon dioxide emissions in half.)
According to the research and advocacy group Environmental Defense, if you buy a new car that gets 10 more miles per gallon than your old car, the amount of carbon dioxide reduction realized in one year will be about 2,500 pounds.
So buying a car or truck that suits your needs and is fuel efficient is a big help.
Honda and Toyota are bringing so-called hybrid vehicles onto the market in the U.S. Hybrids are cars that combine an internal combustion engine and a battery-powered electric motor. They are mid-sized cars that are achieving twice the fuel economy of conventional cars.

Others thigs that we can do are walk ore ride a bicycle, adopt public mode of transportation, reduce usage of mobiles, use more conventional energy resources and planting trees.  

Green enviroment means: 

G- generate enviromental awareness
R- Reduce, Reuse an Recycle as much as possible 
E- eliminate unnecessary waste
E- energu conservation and 
N- now is the time 

These were some simple ways to help our environment by preventing global warming and can be implemented quickly. This does not require any expense. If effects of global warming is affecting your daily life and scaring you, then you should start applying these changes today. Explain to your friends what can be done about global warming and how they can help in preventing it by implementing certain changes in their lives.

Why is it important for you to do your part to stop Global Warming?  If you have seen Al Gore's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, you can see that the most populated areas of the world will be affected enormously if we don't act.  What can you do?  As a shower starts with one raindrop, you too can make a difference to help our environment with your 
individual activism.

Let's pretend nothing has been proved and the pictures of the polar caps are in question.  Do we really have the luxury to wait and see if the doubters are correct?  There is no quick fix when the ice melts with climate change; only effects, such as Sea Level Rise.  So why not change the way you consume energy and the products you use?  At the very least, you will be helping make a better planet for the environment of your children.

This Video of Global Warming shows us things that it happend to the planet and tell us that it's the time to use oure hands 

This Video of Global Warming is created in 2007,  it shows us things that the Global Warmin cause, what is the cause of Global Warming, and tell that the problem are us and show what is happend whit the planet and tell that they are a lot of things that we can do to stop Global Warming  

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