miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011


This Video is titled ecology is... 
This Video is an animation by Lukasz Szozda for childrens that show some simple simple and easy ways to help our enviroment,  and show that the more important thing to do is set example and know that the ecology is the future. 

This Video called go green, shows things that are happening to the planet's resources, which probably many people don't know, also shows the things that we can do to save the planet's resources, and tell us that one thing we can do is rycle, plus the video shows us a song that teaches us that the magig nomber is 3, that song say that this is the number  because they are 3 things we need to do and they are the 3R, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE


The amount of energy you consume and start using renewable energy sources, such as wind power and solar power.  Sign up for Green Energy with your local power provider.  If they don't have it, then tell them to get it.
By using products made with recycled materials.  Make or buy a compost bin to use your organic waste as fertilizer for your trees, shrubs, and garden.
All materials to your best ability in your local area.

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  1. the ecology video is not just needed for kids. most adults sadly need to hear this message over and over...