miércoles, 9 de febrero de 2011


I have many memories of my school and my friends that I had there. I graduated in 2009 in the XI prom of the Maria Montessori school

This is a picture of all the prom XI of Maria Montessori

This is a picture of me in the day of graduation

This is another picture of me in the day of graduation when I had my diploma


After the graduation  I went to lunch at a restaurant to celebrate but first I went to my house and when I put this dress I took this beautiful picture


This is a picture of me and my friends the last day of class in the school

This is a picture of me and my friend in the school week

This picture was  the day of the LUZ test before presenting the test 

This picture with my friends was in the celebration of queen´s college in the school week 

This were funny times in the school

this photo was the day we went to social work before leaving for the nursing home

This was in the nursing home 

This pic was in the Zulia Children's Foundation in a social work

I have a lot of memories and pictures of me and my friends of Maria Montessori, the closest to me were, Elio , Tito, Marco, Manuel, Eduardo, Daniel, Jesus,Cesar, Diego, Charlie, Angy, Elianny and Rossy, I passed very funny times with all when we were in the school that I don´t forget all the time spent with all the prom, that was a very good time in my life and now I am happy because I was in this school and I met all this people and now many of them we are still friends.
Well and now my friend Elio is studying social comunication at URBE, tito are studying law at URU and Eduardo too, Marco, Daniel and Manuel are studying engineering at URBE, Jesus are studying engineering at LUZ, Cesar and Diego are studying engineering at URU, Angy is studing psychology, Rossy is studying law at URBE, Elianny is studying engineering and Charlie is studying music

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