martes, 8 de febrero de 2011


Well this is the people in my life; these are special people in my life, people that I love.

First my family, my mother, my father and my sister

This is a picture of my mom and myself having a funny time

My Mother, Marta, she's a really dedicated mom, she is tall and skinny, she has a black long hair, she has one brother , named Jose Gregorio, who is my uncle. My Mother is a very good at cooking and and if you taste her food you will be fascinated and her birthday is on December 7th.

My Father, Gerardo, he is a mechanical engineer and he is tall, a little fat but not much, he cooks too but not much as my mom does, he prefers to eat, another thing of him is that he knows very much of math and his birthday is on October 3rd.

My sister, Maria Gracia, she is a graphic designer graduated in URBE, she is 20 years old and her birthday is on may 12th, she has a lot of friends and she doesn´t have a boyfriend now, she took a course of ballet and a course of English in Berlitz, she knows how to speak and write English very well, and she sings very well and she is in a choir and she plays the flute like me.

The next people in my life are my friends Andreina, Sebastian, Elio, Tito, and Eliana

Andreina, but you can call her Nany, is a great friend she is 19 years old she is my best friends since I was 13, she doesn´t have any brothers or sisters, she lives with her mom and her birthday it's on November 28th

Sebastian, people call him Sebas but I call him brother and he calls me Little sister because we are like that and we are best friends , he gives me good advice and he also is a good writter , now he is studying psychology in Caracas

Elio, is a good friend I met him at School and since I met him we became a good friends, he is a good person, he is 18 years old like me and his birthday is on august, now he studies social communication in URBE and he is enrolled in the 5th trimester, also he participates in the choral of URBE and he has a radio program called “entre chamos”, and he doesn’t have a girlfriend now or at least I think so.

Tito, well he is other friend that I met when I was in the School he is 19 years old and he is a good friends that make me laugh all the time, now he doesn’t have girlfriend and he study law at URU and well I like spending time with him because it is funny and I spent a good time with him.

Eliana, she is a lifelong friend I met her when we were a little girls and since that we have been  very good friends, she studied in the School with my sister and when my sister and she were in 7th grade she moved to Portugal and my sister and I moved to other School and now she lives in Portugal and she hasn’t come back to Venezuela but we talk trought the messenger and facebook and now she lives with her father, her mother and her brother.


In the University I met many people but I met a special people who became great friends for me and share great moments with them I don´t like to forget because we spend a lot of time inside and outside the university but more outside than in the university. They are my friends Marco and Gabriel.

Marco, is a very very great friend, I met him the last trimester, he is from Valera and He is 19 years old, one year older than me, I met him because my sister was doing internships with him the last trimester and she introduced Marco to me and with the days he became my friend and well I can say that he is a huge person, he has one brother named Manuel but you can call him Manu, he is studying Graphic Design at URBE. Marco graduated of Social Communication in URBE. Marco is a great musician like me, he plays the guitar, the cuatro, he would like to play piano and he sings really well, and when he combine the sing with the guitar it sounds very good, well I went to Valera with him and with my mother and my sister and we passed a very good time there that I wouldn´t like to forget

and now he would like to study medicine in the University of Merida and I told him why don´t you study here and he told me because I don´t want, and I hope in the future we remain being good friends, well in the future I would like him to be the music teacher of my students and also the swimming teacher too, I now that he would be a good teacher for my students and they will not be bored with him.

Gabriel, but you can call him Paye every one call him like this, he has a girlfriend called Emily who is studying medicine in LUZ, Paye is studying 8th trimester of Graphic Design in URBE, he is a good friend that I met in the University, he studied with my sister but my sister is already 
graduated, well I go out with him and with other friends of us

This is a nice picture with Paye and all the group of our friends 

Another person who I met in the university is Mercedes, but you can call him Belen, she is my friend of the university she study 5th trimester of preschool education in URBE like me and she is 18 years old like me too and she has a boyfriend named Robinson and she has good grades and I met her in the last trimester and she is from Cabimas. 


My Supervisor is my Teacher Doris Molero, of course. The only one in all URBE who uses 2.0 tech in her evaluation plan. She's very energetic and patient and somehow finds beauty in the exhausting action of climbing URBE's steps.

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