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Hi, my name is Mayela Gutierrez but you can call me Maye! I’m from Maracaibo. I’m 18 years old and my birthday is on November 6th and  I study preschool education at URBE which is a good profession that I love, and I like it because I think I have a vocation to the profession and being a teacher for me is something nice by the fact of working with children because they are the future of the world and not only I like be with them also I feel that I can learn a lot from them, also I like this stage of initial education because it is the initiation of children and their first steps which are the basis for life and for the future, therefore and I think to contribute and help in this phase as a good basis for them is essential, teaching values. I think also it is a challenge since the early education teachers have to be a second mother to them also that I believe that education is not race left which is head to head, but heart to heart.
Well, other thing about me is that I like all type of food, I like cereal flips and cereal corpops too, I like red lollipops, and icream, I like pasta and Italian food and the sushi is good too, I like 7up, I like hamburgers, I like pizza, I like, nestea, I like Gatorade, I like Doritos, I like oreo cookie, I like sandwich, I like pancakes, I like to travel especial to Margarita, I love the music and I play flute, I took a curse of flute when I was 9 and I play it very well, my favorite color is pink but also I like purple too, and I love spend time with my friends and spend time with my family

This is a picture with my fiend Marco and my cousins
Other thing that I like is the movies and I prefer the love moves and comedy moves, I don´t like horror movies and another thing of me is that I study modeling when I was 10 and then when I was16 or 17 years old in Gero productions.

This is a picture of  modeling in Gero Productions
I am friendly, beautiful, fashion, responsible, happy, sincere, reliable, scholar, funny, cute, outgoing sometimes, hardworking, lovely, optimistic, respectful, I am a good person.
Well in the future I would like to get good grades, I'm working in order to have them, and then I'm going to graduate in December 2012 and also I would like to practice my profession and to be an excellent teacher, give the best for the children and provide quality education based on values and integral education, love my students and teach all the things that they need, after that I would like to make my own preschool, and hire awesome teachers that do an excellent job to help a good personal development of children and I would like to do all this things because I like it.
I would also enjoy taking music classes and learn how to play transverse flute because I play the other flute, other thing that I would like to do in the future is to travel and visit Europe especially Spain and Portugal because I have several friends that live there so they can show me many places.
I definitely want to get married in the future, but not so close, I’m still really young, I want to have 2 or 3 kids, I would be an excellent mom and I would try every day to give my best for those kids, but for now I think I would like to have a nice, handsome and funny boyfriend, who takes me out on weekends and loves to dance with me. There are a lot of things I want to do in my future but there is plenty of time to do it all
About English, I love learning a new language. And I know that English is important to life and more if I want to be a teacher because if I learn English I can teach it in the preschool and I can show songs in English to the childrens and in the life I can listen to music and sing it, watch movies and listen to my friends speak English and I can talk to them, I can speak and write English, but I have to practice more and I do it now.  I hope to meet new friends and practice more in class.
Well that's a bit of me ... I hope you leave me a comment! J

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